Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off-topic (but I think it's a neat story)

Hi folks, this is completely off-topic, but I've been chewing on this for a few days, and feel I should share it...

A few days ago, I took three of my little girls to ballet, and in the middle of the class, the tornado sirens went off. The teachers got all the kids into the safest place in the building which was a hallway, and got them to sit down... all by the book.

Then the neat part happened...

One end of the hall was sort of open, and faced the windows .... obviously the most dangerous thing if a tornado did hit. Without anyone saying anything, the moms who were waiting for the kids sat between the kids and the windows, and the two dads, (me and another guy) interposed ourselves between the moms and the windows, thus taking the most dangerous spot. No one said anything, or talked about it ... it just all happened naturally.

The parents stayed calm, and the kids stayed calm, and the tornados went south of us, so they went back to ballet, and the parents went back to chatting aimlessly.

About an hour later, I thought about what had happened, and realized that something nice had occured. A bunch of strangers had naturally come together, without anyone saying anything, with the adults protecting the kids, and the men protecting the women.

In these days of terrible economic uncertainty, I found it heart warming to find that the natural inclination of a group of strangers was to protect the weaker ones.

We can, and will pull thru this, folks,



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