Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guess what should be blocked next? :-)

*** Warning! DON"T go to any of these sites***

One of the longer-lived attack sites is thedeadpit. This first graphic shows the attack profile, showing a peak of about 1500 hits per day. (You can click any of the images for a larger view)

And then, after a while we started seeing the same stuff come from internetcountercheck. The attack profile shows a recent peak of about 4000 hits in one day. This is kind of interesting, and probably reflects a marketing push on their part.

It turns out that there are five domains on their domain name server, and look ... today the third one is starting too :-) ...

and here are the rest of the domains on the domain server...

So, as you can see, it's a case of three down, two to go. If anyone likes to block URLs, these would be a couple of good ones to add.



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