Monday, March 13, 2017

Hi folks, For the first time in several years, I am able to blog at will, and, going forward, I will do my very best to find interesting topics. This one is a little mundane, but you gotta start somewhere, and, although it's not earth shattering, it's worth a mention. About every other day or so, I get an email along the lines of ... "have you ever thought to work from home? roger look over the attached invitation! Your secure password(for the document) is: 421233" and, attached, is a protected pdf. If you are naive enough to try to open the pdf, you are taken to a website that tries to get you involved in their business scheme. I'm sure they consider it marketing, but I consider it dangerous, because it is really difficult to tell whether or not it's taking you to an attack site. There are two really good security rules of thumb here... (1) Never open a pdf from someone you don't know. (2) Never open _any_ document, or any sort, from anyone you don't know, if it's password protected, because it makes it hard for your antivirus to scan inside it, to determine if it's safe or not. Keep safe out there, folks. Remember 'www' stands for World War Web.