Saturday, July 23, 2011

YAFC-Y (Yet Another Facebook Clipjack - Yawn)

Hi folks,

Today, with Amy Winehouse's passing, another young star burned out entirely too soon. Whether we were fans or not is irrelevant. The salient point is that there is a group of greedy, covetous, rapacious, insatiable, avaricious, penurious, gluttonous vultures who eagerly await some misfortune, such as Amy, or yesterday, the cruel events in Norway.

Within hours of these events, they flood Facebook with promises of prurient or sensational videos, but the real goal is to trick kids or teens into agreeing to a $10 a month charge to the cell phone bill. They assume they won't read the fine print.

So, as the title says, on one hand it's YAFC-Y ... Yet Another Facebook Clipjack - Yawn..., but by golly, they're not much more than sociopathic animals. I wonder how they can sleep at night.

Truly, these people (and I use the word loosely) are the lowest of the low, and I can only hope that someone like FTC has them squarely in their crosshairs.


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